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We strive to be the change we wish to see in the world. Animism and the co-creation of diverse and fecund ecosystems that we are a part of and that feed us in every way are important aspects of the culture we are trying to create. Our internship program is a great way to enmesh yourself into the community and participate in diverse projects.

We are looking for self-motivated people eager to learn. Interns (a.k.a. co-creators) eat all meals with the community, sharing the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Essentially it is their home for as long as they are here. The community expects the individual to put at least five days of work a week in on the land. Possible projects are endless. We have had people interested in compost tea, mushroom cultivation, charcoal production for a carbon sink and terra preta, earthen plasters, building woodworking tools such as a shavehorse and a kick lathe, and forest gardening. It is also perfectly acceptable for the intern to work with community members on their projects throughout their stay. We hope to create an environment of learning, growth, and creativity.

Priorities in past years have included:

  • Plant propagation (grafting and cuttings)
  • Intensive grazing of milk cows, horses and sheep
  • Erecting fences for the livestock
  • Planting—lots of planting
  • Evolution of our aquaculture system
  • Fluffing past plantings
  • Annual gardening
  • And all sorts of other interesting things that come up.

We feel like internships of this kind are the best way to become grounded in real-life skills and a holistic/systems epistemology. Think of it as a new-age university without the debt. There is no fee for the internship. We eat all organic and mostly off the land. We as a community will attempt to facilitate the co-creator in their passions. We hope to create an environment of creativity and productivity

Contact: Nathaniel Larson or Shyam Gray, 715-779-0155
Email: info@thedraw.org (note: checked only weekly)