The Draw & Waters Edge Nursery and Gardens

Waters Edge Nursery & Gardens is located on the property of The Draw LLC, a land-based regenerative community on the south shore of Lake Superior. We are listed in US agricultural zone 4B with a growing season of 120–150 days. Our plants are well suited for our unique bio-region and most will grow successfully in zone 4 (some in zones 3, 2, and 1).

We use only biological controls attempting to create cultivated ecosystem. In our nursery we focus on root growth to produce healthy plants that will thrive in your landscape. We invite you to come and see first-hand our cultivation practices. It is best to contact us to set-up an appointment; though you can just stop by as we are usually around. We will be happy to help figure out the right plants for your situation.


We are excited to provide healthy and unique multiple-use plants. We are interested in helping create diverse and productive self maintaining landscapes. To that end we offer the following species.


  • Grafted Apples, Pears (both European and Asian), Quince, Medlar and Manchurian Apricot.
  • Seedling and clonal Juneberries (several species and varieties).
  • Chokeberry, Hawthorns and Grapes.
  • Plums, including Bounty variety.
  • Sweet & Sour Pie Cherries, Bush Cherry, Sand Cherry, European Bird Cherry, Black Cherry, Nanking Cherry.
  • Many varieties of Red and Black Currants as well as Gooseberries, Rugosa Rose, Elderberries.
  • Many blueberries, both lowbush and highbush, and many species of Cranberries.
  • Paw paws and persimmons.
  • And many species and varieties of arctic-hardy kiwi.


We are nuts about nuts and think that any decent civilization must be founded on the mast of the forest! We offer:

  • Northern-Hardy Pecans
  • Shagbark Hickory
  • Chestnuts—American, Chinese, European and lots of their crosses
  • Hazelnuts and Filberts
  • American Beech
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Carpathian Walnuts, Heartnuts, Black Walnuts, Buartnuts, Buart Black Walnuts, Butternuts
  • Swiss and Korean Stone Pines; Limber Pine; Dwarf Stone Pine (note: a stone pine is a pine tree that produces pine nuts)
  • Popcorn Shrub
  • And lots and lots of oaks.


Our groundcovers are selected to provide multiple functions.

  • Bearberry
  • Wild Ginger
  • Wintergreen
  • Salal
  • Arctic Pink Rosemary
  • Groundcover Raspberry
  • Comfrey
  • Cranberry
  • Lingonberry.

Nitrogen Fixers:

This useful class of plants makes it possible for life on Earth to exist. Without these plants the soils of our planet would quickly degrade. All of our nitrogen fixers have multiple uses, such as edible and medicinal fruit or animal forage. Most are drought- and wind-tolerant:

  • Goumi
  • Seaberry
  • Siberian Pea Shrub
  • Buffaloberry
  • Black Locust
  • Red Alder


  • Leather Leaf
  • Honeyball Bush
  • Lemon Grass (great house plant)
  • Daphne
  • Osage Orange
  • Oregon Grape
  • Lilacs
  • Yuccas


  • Sugar Maple
  • Red Alder
  • Cherry Birch
  • White Ash
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Tamarack
  • Amur Maackea
  • Dawn Redwood
  • White Pine
  • Black Locust
  • White Willow
  • Northern White Cedar
  • Basswood
  • Eastern Hemlock
  • American Elm
  • As well as all the trees listed under “Nuts”.


Click here to see our catalogue, which lists and describes in depth all the plants we offer and gives pricing information.